Best Time to Visit Cuba

When planning a vacation to Cuba, the most popular question I get is when is the best time to travel there. Well, the answer is that anytime is a great time to visit Cuba! The reality is that you can never go wrong when you plan a visit to Cuba, regardless of the time of year you want to go.

The climate in Cuba is a semi-subtropical climate that is very pleasant, thanks to the northeasterly trade winds. This means that the weather is warm throughout the year. Cuba’s weather can be divided into only two separate seasons. First, you have the wet season. This season is from May until October. Temperatures are slightly cooler during this season, but it’s a great time to go if you prefer to avoid the crowds. The other season is the dry season. This is between November and April. The dry season is the most popular months for tourists, since the average temperature is between 78 and 85 degrees. This is also when it is winter in many other parts of the world, so people vacation to Cuba to escape the cold weather. There is very little seasonal variation in Cuba, so travelers can visit any time of the year and be comfortable and enjoy their visit.

During the summer, the temperatures are only a little higher. In the warmest month of the year, August, the high reaches into the 90’s. There are fewer crowds during the summer, though, and the travel to Cuba is less expensive during this time.

Many people worry about hurricane season when it comes to booking their travels to Cuba. The hurricane season is June through the early part of November. Hurricanes are more likely to hit August through October, though. Surprisingly, there have only been 32 hurricanes recorded in Cuba since 1960. A lot less than most people expect.

So, when is the best time to book your vacation in Cuba? Well, any time at all.